How To Install 7Zip

7Zip is a useful utility that can compress and expand a variety of files. This guide outlines how to install 7Zip.


In order to "chop up" files into smaller pieces, we need to get a utility that can do it for us. We are going to use 7Zip.

  1. Click here to visit 7Zip's website in order to download the utility.


  2. Select one of the download files located at the top of the page. If you're not sure which one to use, select the "32-bit X86" one. You can also read up on how to tell what edition of windows you're running by reading this article.


  3. Click "Save File" or "Run" when prompted in order to install 7Zip.



  4. If you saved the file, locate where it was saved and double click it to install it.
    If you chose to run the file, follow the on-screen instructions.


  5. Once the wizard finishes installing 7zip, Click "Finish" (A).


  6.  Enjoy zipping and splitting and then unzipping and recombining your files!

**7Zip is preferred by us over other compression utilities for a variety of reasons; it is an Open Source project and it is supported by a group of volunteers. Since it is not commercial it is easy for us to encourage our clients to use it without having it cost them any additional license fees, and it allows us to avoid other licensing related complications.


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