Cisco 100 Series

Cisco SPA112 and SPA122

The Cisco 100 Series phone adaptors are designed to enable traditional analog telephone equipment (POTS) to access VoIP services. If you want to eliminate all traditional phone lines but still have some legacy equipment (fax machines, dial-up credit / debit machines, postage machines) these adaptors can resolve the issue. Fax services in general can be replaced completely with our Fax-To-Email gateway service, but some people still like to walk to the fax machine with paper. When you use regular telephones over a VoIP network you can benefit from the low cost and excellent voice quality you would have if you used a VoIP phone over a VoIP network; however, regular telephones will lack many of the features keys present on many VoIP phones (Hold, Transfer, etc.). BitBlock strongly recommends the use of 100 Series phone adaptors for fax (or any system requiring "dial tone") when transitioning to Fax-To-Email is not possible. The most common choice is the SPA112. The SPA122 has an additional network port and acts as a one port router. It can be used to share a network connection with a device like a printer in certain situations.

Check out the members of the Cisco 100 Series:

SPA112 - This 2 port adaptor has a single network port.

SPA122 -  This 2 port adaptor has two network ports - one routed.



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