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Anywhere, Anytime! BitBlock's Cloud Services are here! Our Servers are located in Coquitlam, Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal. For even more security and value all of our servers are located in Canada so it is Patriot Proof!

Windows Servers, Virtual Servers, Web and Database Hosting, Clustered Email Hosting, Web Design Services... and much, much more.

What are Cloud Services?

When you buy Cloud Services from BitBlock you will have access to hardware and software resources that are not located on your premise and are not purchased or maintained as a depreciating asset. This way your business can have all of the services necessary to smoothly run the technical aspects of your business without having to deal with the capital costs of purchasing and updating all of the extremely expensive tech equipment.

Why does my business want to have Cloud Services with BitBlock?

Today more than ever, the average business relies on technology to keep them in the competitive market, that being said, technology is often too complicated and expensive for a small to medium sized business to manage themselves. Why bother? Outsource your technology needs, pay real professionals who have the gear and the knowledge to efficiently and effectively run your company's technology, and just don't worry about it anymore. Technology is too important in todays age for a business to have any down time, it is frustrating and embarrassing when your technology doesn't work.

BitBlock offers a comprehensive list of Cloud Services that will make your business more efficient, more mobile and more professional. We have professional IT personnel that regularly check on your technology to make sure it continues to run optimally.

Take a look at some of our Cloud Services:

Remote Desktop

Web and Database Hosting

Clustered Email Hosting 



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