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Over time, people tend to bog their computers down so that they become progressively slower, or sometimes, they just suddenly break down. This is why BitBlock offers both a Monthly Maintenace Plan that is billed monthly per computer, or pay as you go support. Read on to see our solutions for chronic computer problems.

Ask us about our Monthly Maintenance Plan

Do you feel like you are in constant war with your computers? Whether it is viruses, errors, or trouble installing the software you need- it can be extremely frustrating when your technology won’t do what you want it to do. This is where we come in: with our Maintenance Plan, all the billable service hours and troubleshooting is covered by a monthly fee (which is approximately one third of the charge of one tech hour). You will find the value in outsourcing your tech support to BitBlock because you know we are on your side; you won’t find that we’ve added any new “ad-software” to your computer that so many private computer shops will, and you know that your private corporate data is safe with us because we specialize in managing security for corporate data.

Why choose the BitBlock Monthly Maintenace Plan?

Remote Support- When you join our service plan we will set you up with an application that allows us to access your computer to do maintenance and updates, as well as virus scans at any time (often while you are out of office so we do not interrupt your work time) from our office. Remote support is one of the greatest perks of the BitBlock Monthly Maintenance Plan, this is because we can do maintenance during the time period that has the least impact on your workday and we can do it more quickly and efficiently than sending an agent to your location, especially since the vast majority of tech issues can be easily dealt with via remote support.

We can’t do it remotely? We’ll come to you!- Sometimes there is an issue that cannot be dealt with remotely, and in those cases we don’t just leave you hanging. If we can’t take care of the problem remotely, we’ll send a specialized technical agent to your location where they can get to the bottom of whatever problem you have with your computer. Usually problems can be dealt with on site, but if not we can take it with us to our office, where we have access to all sorts of powerful tools that will allow us to diagnose any problem that can occur in a computer.

The vast majority of repairs are covered by the BitBlock Monthly Maintenance Plan however there are some exclusions:

-Hardware not purchased by us

-Hardware purchased by us that is out of warranty

-Purchase of a new operating system

-Purchase of any software

I don’t want a Service Plan

It is 100% true that the BitBlock Service plan might not be right for every company. Sometimes it is more cost effective to pay as you go. Some companies like to gamble that the total costs of their computer repairs will be less than the monthly fee of the BitBlock Maintenance Plan; some will win and some will lose. We still offer all of the same services (except remote support) for those who do not opt for a Monthly Maintenance Plan; any of those services are billed by the hour instead.

Have an IT professional come to you- This is the most expensive way to repair your computer, but also has the least down time. We do not bill for travel time but we do bill hourly with a minimum of 2 hours.

Send it to our office- The more cost effective way to deal with a computer issue is usually to bring it to our office. You cover the transportation and we will give you a deal on repairs. We will only charge you for one hour for most types of repairs.


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