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Already have your VoIP phones picked out? This page has all of the useful information to get you and your business started with VoIP.

Once you have decided to either switch to VoIP or replace your current VoIP phones, you will have a very important decision to make; which VoIP phone should you buy for your business?

Well, the answer isn’t cut and dry, which phone is right for you and your business depends on many factors. Here we have listed some of the most popular phones that we support, along with their important features and what types of business environments we would recommend these phones for. We have divided our supported phones and analog adapters into groups: the Cisco 300 Series, the Cisco 500 Series, the Panasonic KX Series and the Cisco 100 Series.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying a VoIP phone, is the number of programmable buttons the phone has, and how many you need. The programmable buttons on a Cisco phone have been described as “lines;” however, in many ways they are not lines at all. A programmable button has many capabilities. Using these buttons, your phone can be programmed with multiple numbers; for example, if your office was in Vancouver and you are doing business in Calgary you can have a number with a Calgary area code show up when you call your Calgary contacts and still have a Vancouver number show up if you call someone from Vancouver (with the use of a programmable button). You can also make it so a certain button will light up depending on which of your numbers the incoming caller dialled, sort of like an advanced caller ID; this way you can have several phone numbers directed to the same phone and you can know which number a person is calling before you even pick it up. Ring tones can be customized per line on most phones.

Another common way to use programmable buttons is for monitoring extensions. The buttons on your phone can be programmed to be green while another person’s line is free and red while it is in use. This way you know who is available to have a call transferred to them.  Accessories can be purchased so even larger offices can be monitored this way. While monitoring an extension, the programmable buttons can also be set as a speed dial button.

You will also want to pay attention to the phones compatibility with Bluetooth or other types of headsets, the number of Ethernet ports it has, and its Network Speed. Many phones have other perks to look into too.

Check out these VoIP phone product lines:

Cisco 500 Series  - IP phones with advanced options.

Cisco 300 Series  - Simple and versatile IP phones.

Cisco 100 Series  - Analog to VoIP adaptors. 

Panasonic KX Series - A wide range of IP phones.

When picking your phones be sure to check on which accessories they are compatible with and how those accessories can improve your VoIP experience.


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