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Everyone should keep as much backed up as possible all the time.

One of the most important questions to ask yourself about your technology is: How much will it cost my business if I lose all of my computer data? Think about it, it isn't just the loss of hours from work in progress that needs to be restarted. There is also the loss of your contacts and emails, sales and client information that is required to maintain your relationship with your customers. There are documents in programs that you had to pay for and hours that need to be spent reinstalling them. All of these things are expensive to replace and at the very least can cause a hiccup in productivity, bad enough data losses have even destroyed some small businesses. If nothing else, you should always backup your Accounting data, this information is so vital and difficult to replicate it would be devastating just to lose a few files.

How does data loss happen?

Data loss can happen at any time for a great spectrum of reasons, it strikes indiscriminately, wiping your data, sometimes when you need it most.

What if one of your new employees accidentally clicked delete on an important file that's vital for your business?

Or someone with malicious intentions found it to be in their interest if certain files or documents weren't accessible to you anymore?

What if a power failure, a power surge or a solar storm caused you to lose stored data?

Have you ever had your computer freeze or crash? Sometimes if your software crashes and freezes, the only way to get it to work again is to reset the device, and often this involves data loss.

But there's more; sometimes a hard drive can just die... and along with it, your important data, your files can simply get corrupted and you might not be able to read them, or viruses can take over your computer leaving you without the information that makes your business tick.

Some companies deal with sensitive information, leaving them a target of crime, it isn't only hackers and saboteurs that are of concern, sometimes people will literally break in to your office and steal your devices, along with it- your information. No amount of fire walls or programming can stop a person willing to commit such a blatant crime.. except maybe a real life fire wall (BitBlock does not provide nor condone such devices).

Are you scared yet? Data loss is scary so you should be, but we haven't even talked about natural disasters. You have to remember that our little home on the west coast is nestled right on top of a time bomb of tectonic plates. Technology doesn't fare well in Earthquakes or floods, and if you aren't on the west coast you can always count on fires, tornadoes, hurricanes or ice storms to rip your precious data away from you.

Wow, I'm about to hyperventilate, what can I do to prevent all of these horrible things?

Backup, Backup, BACKUP! It is the most important thing you can do. You can't prevent an earthquake from happening but if you have your data backed up you will minimize your losses. BitBlock will keep your information in a secure, remote location so that if the worst were to happen, you can get your data back. It doesn't matter what happens to your data because as long as it is backed up in our system we can restore it.

How can Backup Services help me?

Many companies think they have a working backup. Few actually do. Those that do, often spend a significant amount of time to do so, and potentially expose sensitive corporate and client data to loss or misuse. There are many forms of backup that companies rely on that use very old /outdated technology such as CDR / DVD-R storage or even tape systems, These methods are time consuming and unreliable.

BitBlocks' Backup Services differ from standard backup in several key ways:

  • Backed up to hard disk
  • Backed up to multiple systems
  • Totally automated, no waiting around to change tapes
  • Instantly verifiable – view your backed up files at any time
  • Reduced opportunity for data exposure
  • Off-Equipment / Off-Site – reduces the risk of data loss from catastrophic events / acts of God.

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