About Us

Bitblock Systems Inc. is the result of a collective vision by a group of Internet professionals who recognize and firmly believe that pooled expertise is the best means of building successful websites and software.

These beliefs serve as a cornerstone and help guide our product and service development:

  • Reliability is our top priority

When your business depends on a system, service interruptions cost you money. Streamlining systems and processes to increase stability and decrease disaster recovery time are key values. We provide redundant, fault tolerant designs and systems for your business.

  • Write once, use often

Efficiency found in reusable code and systems are multiplied the more they are used. Increased use leads to increased product stability and more comprehensive features. Maintenance load is justifiable and affordable when spread over a large user base.

  • Service when you need it

We are available when you are (and even when you are not). With our proactive monitoring systems, we can prevent possible service interruptions. If you need service, we are here. The internet is not a 9 to 5 service, neither is Bitblock.

Our Capabilities

Bitblock offers a range of web and software services, including database integration and management, custom software development, and front-end web design and assembly.

Please see our services section for a more detailed description of our considerable capabilities.


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