Off-Site & On-Site Support

To address the services and support needs of companies using computers in their operations, Bitblock has developed 3 different service plans.

Technical Services

Skilled computer system and network engineers are available as required to perform a variety of tasks including computer maintenance & repair, diagnostics or new systems design and setup.

Key Features:

  • Simple fee-for-service model
  • No contract required (COD)
  • Basic no retainer contract benefits*:
    • 15-day terms
    • Support system access
  • No up front fees

Downtime is expensive. Plan ahead.

Contact us today to arrange for service BEFORE an emergency happens.

Monthly Maintenance Plan

The core of the Monthly Maintenance Plan exists to provide regular planned service to operating systems and networks to prevent problems from occurring. More than simply "running updates", this service consists of:

  • Installation of tested & approved applicable software updates and patches
  • Reviewing system events and other indicators of system health for warning signs
  • Ensuring Anti-Virus software is up to date and functioning
  • Executing various maintenance routines to maintain peak performance

Any signs of trouble or concerns about current system operations will be raised in by email to the client contact including recommended corrective actions (if any) and a summary of possible outcomes.

Monthly Maintenance Plan customers benefit from ongoing enhanced support including**:

  • Access to web based service database for logging service calls
  • Priority response for service calls for supported specified equipment
  • Reduced labour rate for service calls
  • No fee travel time for on-site services***
  • Elimination of premium rates for urgent off-hours service calls****
  • Up to 2 hours per month of free phone support

Initial term of the Monthly Maintenance Plan is 12 months and the plan will auto renew unless terminated as per the terms of the Service Agreement.

Full Service Retainer

The Full Service Retainer builds on the Monthly Maintenance Plan, and provides a regular monthly cost for full service support including acting as your companies computer support department, Bitblock staff are available to assist as needed on-site, remotely, or by phone. Commonly used tasks include:

  • Software installation and configuration
  • Printer driver installation and maintenance
  • Network diagnostics
  • Wireless gateway conflict resolution
  • Basic application support

The client must designate a primary and a secondary contact. These contacts are responsible for reporting any support issues. Based on cooperation with these contacts, Bitblock will resolve the issue and return information on the resolution to the support contacts by way of the support system. Plan costs are based on a per machine fee, and may be varied over the term of the contract due to actual support load. Support load is measured over a 3 month rolling window. If average support exceeds the current level of paid support, 60 days notice will be given of the impending increase during which time the client contacts and Bitblock staff can work together to reduce the ongoing support needs. Initial term of the Full Service Retainer is 12 months and the plan will auto renew unless terminated as per the terms of the Service Agreement.

* A complete site inventory of equipment MAY be required. If the client requires assistance to prepare, fees may apply.
** MMP benefits are limited to specified equipment supported by the plan
*** Bitblock reserve's the right to restrict "no fee travel time" benefit if abused
**** Bitblock reserve's the right to reinstate premium rates if after hours support is abused


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