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Why have BitBlock provide your business with a Remote Desktop?

Access your data from anywhere in the world:

With BitBlock's Remote Desktop Services you can access the same, powerful desktop from anywhere the world (provided you have a good internet connection) regardless of how fast your computer is; whether it is your in-laws old desktop in Manitoba or a hotel computer in Spain you will be able to access everything you saved onto your remote desktop at work. This is because your remote desktop is actually like a separate computer that isn't bound to a physical location, so as long as you have internet connectivity, you can access it.

Unparalleled mobility:

The convenience and power of this technology cannot be understated. Do any of your employees work from home and from the office? With BitBlock's Remote Desktop Services they can work from the same desktop in both places without worrying about annoying USB drives or physically moving anything! Everything will save on the Remote Desktop, not the actual computer.

We are everywhere:

We at BitBlock specialize in large enterprise cloud based computing solutions. Our servers are distributed across many of Canada’s major cities including: Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Montréal. This means that your computer data will never be too far away and BitBlock is always there, watching your back.

Your PC won’t matter anymore:

What if one of your office computers dies? Don’t worry about it; you can access your Remote Desktop from another computer, no need to go through the expensive and time consuming process of transferring all of your old data. With our Remote Desktop Services your business does not actually even need Desktop Computers; we often recommend a small machine called a thin client. A thin client is a lot like a Desktop Computer, except it is designed just to be on the Internet, not to run programs. With a Windows server running all of your power demanding programs, this is all you need, and it is a fraction of the cost of a full computer and much less expensive to maintain and repair. Click here to learn more about Thin Clients.

A Remote Desktop looks and feels much like a regular desktop except for one key thing- you can access it, and all of your programs and saved files- anywhere you have access to the Internet. Using a Remote Desktop not only gives your business the opportunity to save money by using thin clients instead of Desktop Computers, but it also gives you the flexibility to use other devices to access your Remote Desktop such as your Laptop, Note Pad and of course a Desktop Computer. Mobility is not the only upside of having a Remote Desktop, it also allows you to use shared folders. If everyone in your office is using a Remote Desktop, you can create folders that specific people, or everyone has access to.

I want a Remote Desktop, when can I get started?

After you choose to use Remote Desktop Services, you will need to decide: Do you want your Remote Desktop to be stored on a Server (either Virtual or whole) or on the BitBlock Cloud?

Storing your Remote Desktop on a Server (Virtual or Whole):

A Virtual Server or a virtual machine can be used for many things - such as a private Remote Desktop server; however the operating system that runs on the Virtual Server is not limited to Windows. It is also possible to run Linux, Apple MacOS, Chrome OS and more to suit your businesses needs. Servers (powerful computers) can be divided into many "Virtual Servers" through use of specialized software and management systems. If a business does not require enough resources to justify an entire server it is often more cost effective for them to rent part of a server rather than purchase or rent an entire server. Some businesses are large enough where they need their own server, when this is the case they often buy their own and rent space in a secure server location (such as BitBlock) or keep them on site (not recommended as filtered air, stable cool temperatures, and power backup are necessary to maintain a servers longevity).

Having a Virtual Server can give you flexibility over how you chose to run your server when compared with cloud services.

Why is access to a Virtual Server favourable to buying your own server?

A Server is huge responsibility

Servers can be very expensive - they need to be managed and taken care of or they will not last long.

Servers require cool but stable temperatures, be in a very dust-free environment, and have a steady power (small power fluctuations are normal in a circuit unprotected by a UPS). We call this a "Server Friendly Environment." On top of all of this, there are technical things that need to be managed to keep a Server running properly. In case a Server does fail due to manufacturer defect or another strange circumstance it is vital to your business that the massive amounts of data you keep stored on your server are backed up.

We aren't saying that no business should have their own servers; if a business uses a lot of resources it may be very cost effective to acquire dedicated equipment. Virtual Servers can ease this transition though - allowing you to start small, and scale as your requirements increase - utilizing additional BitBlock services as required while your infrastructure expands. If you do wish to purchase your own Server it is very important that you take a look at our Server Protection Plans here.

What is BitBlock's Cloud Desktop Plan?

This is the more cost effective, but less specialized way to host your Remote Desktop.

BitBlock's Cloud Desktop Plan is a pay as you go plan that gives you access to a Remote Desktop. Your monthly fee is determined by how many resources you use. This way you are paying for exactly what you use and nothing is wasted. This is a great option for those who require minimal or inconsistent amounts of resources.

Why use BitBlock's Cloud Desktop?

Use BitBlock's Cloud Desktop because it is redundant and cost effective. Your information will be backup up in case something fails (if one of our Servers failed it would be unlikely that you would even notice) and you do not need to worry about finding a Server Friendly location, about maintaining the Server or about all of the infrastructure that is required to keep a Server running.

What are the limitations?

A Cloud Desktop has more limitations than a Server or a Virtual Server. For some types of business this is good, certain sites can be banned as well as the use of certain programs. The Server Administrator places these limitations and must be contacted for exceptions, this is done for security reasons and to give employers more control over what is downloaded during work hours.

If you want the ability to download whatever you want, whenever you want, you will be happier with either a Virtual Server or your own Server.

Contact us to learn more about these products and to find out which one is best for your business.


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