Cisco 300 Series

The Cisco 300 series VoIP phones are ideal for the budget conscious or smaller offices. While they lack some of the features of the Cisco 500 series (PoE, backlit displays, sidecar accessories) they make up for it by providing solid value. Options range from the simplistic design of the SPA301G, whose compact design allows it to be mounted to a wall or placed out of the way on a desk to save space; to the SPA303G which is a less expensive, but very similarly styled  to the SPA504G. The SPA302D-SPA232 combination is the most mobile option among the Cisco 300 series phones, it allows the user to walk around as freely as they can with a regular home cordless phone, yet still enjoy the amazing features offered by VoIP.

The Cisco 300 Series as a whole has cost effective and specialized solutions for you no matter how you choose to do business. Scroll down to learn about the individual phones and gain more insight into what might be best for your business.

Check out the members of the Cisco 300 Series:

SPA301G - Simple, inexpensive; ideal for mounting to walls in low call volume locations (break rooms, warehouses, bathrooms, etc.)

SPA302D & SPA232 - The benefits of a VoIP phone, and the convenience of a cordless phone.

SPA303G - A desk phone with an excellent price point.



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