Cisco 500 Series

The Cisco 500 series VoIP phones are office work-horses that cover a range of requirements for a stationary office user’s needs. These phones have more accessories and options available than the Cisco 300 series, meaning they can be personalized more for your business needs. All of the 500 series phones are compatible with the SPA500S and SPA500DS which will add extra programmable buttons to any 500 series Cisco phone. For the user who appreciates extra mobility features and colour display, there is the SPA525G2. This phone has a full colour high resolution graphical display that is sure to light up the office and can even be set to view door security cameras or a photo collection. The Cisco 500 series VoIP phones are the go-to for office VoIP phones - they have a solid feel that implies the underlying quality.  Once it is decided that a Cisco 500 series VoIP phone is the best for your office situation, there is just a little bit more narrowing down to do.  The following pages go into more detail about specific features and what sort of client each phone might be best for.

Cisco SPA500 Series

Check out the members of the Cisco 500 Series:

SPA504G - The standard desk phone ideal for any office.

SPA508G - Desk phone with 8 programmable buttons.

SPA509G - Desk phone with 12 programmable buttons, great for receptionists.

SPA514G - Similar to the SPA504G, but with increased network speed (10/100/1000).

SPA525G2 - Colour display, Bluetooth support, and Wi-Fi - this fancy desk phone will compliment any office.



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