The "BONDS of Friendship" Internet Promotion

BitBlock would like to share the “bonds” of friendship with you...

…with a great deal on BONDED DSL high speed Internet!

Bonded DSL for $65/Month from BitBlock


  • Unlimited downloading!
  • Fast uploads!
  • Stream up to four "4K"
    streams at once!
  • No download limit!
  • No set up fee!
  • No term contract!
  • No "bundling" required!

BitBlock has been providing reliable business-class service since 2002 - and now we're offering our services to residential clients!

While the 100Mb and 50Mb packages are curently limited to residential installs, we do have a full range of services for business. All our plans are fantastic for home based business, or anyone who uses a lot of bandwidth. These packages are available to our business clients, family, and friends ....and people who want to be friends :-) - so join us?

  • This is NOT an “introductory” price - it is good for the life of the install - but it may be available only for a limited time so sign up quickly!

  • If you are already a business client we can add these services to your existing monthly invoice if you prefer.

Admit it, you want it! Let's check your address now?

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Since 2002...

BitBlock Systems has been helping businesses focus on what they do best – we manage the rest!

“Grow your business – not your burden!”

You can enjoy the same friendly, reliable support and expert service we deliver to business and save money at home too!


BitBlock provides...

  • Business Phone Systems (Hosted PBX / VoIP) & SIP Trunks
  • Managed Internet
  • Managed colocation (server farms)
  • Technical Support
  • Email services
  • Private cloud services
  • And more...


Binge watch, game on, and make the most of your time indoors...

Just in time for your winter TV binge watching and gaming pleasure, we can now offer unlimited bandwidth on connections faster than ever!

  • 100Mb is fast enough for everyone to watch what they want for as long as they want!
  • Up to 5 individual 4K Netflix streams can play at once!
  • Without notices of overage, or additional service fees!
  • No port filtering, and no sharing bandwidth with your neighbours!
  • Every circuit has a static IP!

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