Thin Clients

Computers are expensive to maintain - and some people tend to get viruses...

The problem is, you can't do anything about it. In this day and age switching back to typewriters and snail mail simply isn't an option, so you're stuck with the problem.

... or are you?

What if there was a machine that works like a computer, does what computer does, even looks a lot like a computer, but avoids all of the costs associated with maintaining a computer?

It exists, and it's called a Thin Client. There are limitations - with no harddrive, there is not as much freedom in regards to saving programs. A Thin Client is also slower than a regular computer is for browsing, but the overall reliability of the Thin Client is so overwhealming that many businesses have decided to switch from regular desktops. A Thin Client may access all of the programs that are necessary for your business if it is used in combination with a Server and it does so as fast as a regular desktop and with better reliability.

How can your business save money by switching to Thin Clients?

  • Longer lasting. The average Thin Client can last 8 to 9 years - the average Desktop, 3 to 4 years.
  • Fewer repairs. A computer is packed full of moving parts like fans and harddrives that break down over time - A thin Client has no moving parts.
  • Power savings. Greener technology. A computer will draw between 150 and 300 Watts of power, a Thin Client will draw approximately 40 Watts, this will cut your energy consumption costs. Power savings can range from $35 to $130 per year!!
  • Fewer viruses. A Thin Client wipes its memory and restores the file system evert time it is shut off (except in maintenance mode). This means it cannot get any viruses, cookies, malware or spyware - all the things that wreck your desktop, meaning you save more money on lost productivity and IT support.

You will most likely need a Remote Desktop for a Thin Client to be effective for your business, click here to learn about our Remote Desktops.

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