Value Added Reseller Opportunities

Generate Recurring Revenue & Contact With Your Customers

Providing IT service and support to your customers gives you a unique opportunity to interact with them on a recurring basis. Many businesses don't have that opportunity. Offering them solid & reliable IT services gives you a reason to keep in contact with them every month. Regular contact binds the client to your firm, and makes them think of you first. The broader your support of their business, the more likely they are to consult you for other service needs.


Broaden Your Service Offering

Extend your existing IT services beyond your current capacity & fields of expertise, or create a new service division to completely support your existing customers without a large capital investment. From advertising agencies and design firms to companies that already offer web hosting, email hosting and Internet service, Bitblock Systems can add a whole new range of related services to what you currently offer.


Bitblock Operates As An Extension Of Your Company

Bitblock excels in offering private label support for our clients to their customers. This means Bitblock can appear as an extension of your own organization. Sales questions are referred back to the designated client rep by Bitblock staff, who can if desired, hand out your cards.

We can provide 24/7 support access to your clients via email (support@YOURDOMAIN.COM) or through a web based support ticket management system (http://support.YOURDOMAIN.COM ). We can also provide unified support messaging services through Bitblock VOIP and wireless handheld devices. Bitblock staff can respond to end user needs, and track time in a transparent system that enables end users to easily see their usage of services. Handling variable priority and allowing users from within Bitblock, the Reseller, or the End User to communicate and record their actions substantiates the value and service delivered.


We can help you grow your business, without growing your overhead. Start increasing your profit by reselling Bitblock System's products and services. With no initial commitment and access to sales and technical sales support & materials we can help you convert your pre-qualified leads to sales.


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