What is a Networking Switch?

A Networking Switch is a device that is used to connect devices together or to give a user extra Ethernet Ports to connect to. Whether the devices are IP phones, Thin Clients, or Computers, a Networking Switch can connect them all so that they may use a Remote Desktop or a Phone System with a Server. A Networking Switch is also used to simply give an office more Ethernet Ports. Even though Wireless is becoming much more common and accessible, wired Internet use is still far superior to wireless in regards to speed.

Which Networking Switch you will choose for your business mostly depends on how many ports you need and which type of ports you need. Including all types of ports, Switches range from 3-port to 52-port.

Here are a few different types of ports:

PoE port- these Ports can power certain devices.

10/100 port- this is the standard speed of an ethernet port.

10/100/1000/gigabit ports- these are faster than the standard ethernet port.


Does your business use VoIP? Keep reading to learn about the convenience and power of PoE!

Why do I want PoE for my VoIP phones?

Because power adaptors are annoying, and most VoIP phones are compatible with PoE. PoE means your phone is powered through your ethernet cable, having your phone connected by only one cord makes everything neater, more organized and easier to move.

What do I have to do to get started with PoE?

First, you need to have a VoIP phone that is compatible with PoE, second you need a PoE switch. A PoE switch is any switch that has ports that can power PoE devices. Most switches have at least a few, but when looking into buying a switch for your office it is important that you look into how many of the Ethernet ports can power PoE devices.

Are all PoE ports the same?

No, there are different classes of PoE. It is important to make sure that the phone is compatible with the switch if you wish to avoid using annoying power adaptors. There are not very many widely used classes of PoE so feel free to contact us and ask questions.

Be sure to look into how many of each type of port is necessary for your business and contact us for a recommendation and setup quote.




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