Disaster Recovery Plans

BitBlocks' Disaster Recovery Plans are extremely customizable, personalized services that work in conjunction with a BitBlock Backup Plan. Our backup plans save the information, but our Disaster Recovery Plans are designed channel the backed up information to a virtual server we have on standby so that you can use and access it while we repair or replace your server. We offer this because certain businesses cannot afford to lose even a day if their server were to fail. We can arrange so your backups can be implemented immediately or within days depending on which variation of the plan you would like. The effectiveness of your Disaster Recovery Plan is directly related to your Backup Plan. For example if your Backup Plan only updates every 3 weeks and your Server broke down 2 weeks and 6 days after your most recent Backup, we could only restore your information up to 2 weeks and 6 days ago. If your Disaster Recovery Plan was set to restore your information immediately you would be back on line right away with slightly outdated data.

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