Laptops and Desktops

There was a time, not so long ago, where people said “If you want performance, you need to get a Desktop.” This is no longer true… sort of. While extremely high end Desktops are still more powerful than extremely high end laptops, these are all overkill unless you are gaming or using certain types of media programs.

So you have a regular office? You don’t need some ultra-powerful computer to run your Outlook application, or to browse the internet, or even company software. This makes the decision harder, how do you choose between a laptop and a Desktop?


A Desktop computer gives your office a classic feel, they are also less expensive and generally last longer. When they do die, they usually leave behind a monitor, keyboard, and mouse that can all work with your next desktop, so you do not need to replace everything at once. A desktop is easier to repair, upgrade and has more plug-ins for USB devices.  


Laptops are pricier and generally do not last as long, but have mobility- which most people find to be worth it. The ability to work from your couch at home, to bring your laptop back and forth from work, and to pick it up and bring it to a client site or across the hall to show a co-worker something simply cannot be matched by a Desktop.

If someone wants to know whether they should have a Laptop or a Desktop, they need to carefully consider the type of work they do and which type of machine will benefit them.  Do some research, check out our recommendations.

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