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Why is Hosted Microsoft Exchange so much better than other email programs?

Want to compliment your professional clustered email with a mail program that is focused on convenience and personalization? Do you want your email to be even more mobile than it is with your remote desktop? That can happen, with Microsoft Exchange you can make it so your email can be accessed from your smartphone as well as multiple computers, all syncing with one another when you make changes.

BitBlock's Microsoft Exchange service unifies and simplifies all of your company's data on a secure server where employees can have their own accounts. Exchange ties together your contacts, calendars, mail, and folders to one centralized server that is regularly backed up so you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe. Any device that supports Microsoft Exchange (BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac, Windows and Android) can pull the information from the server and access a unified contacts, calendar, mail and folders database that is updated in real time. If any change is made on any device, it's pushed to all your other devices so you have all the same information on all your devices all the time, especially when you need it. No more chasing around for contacts that you left on your computer. In today's business world, having your data everywhere and all the time is essential and with BitBlock's Exchange solution you can get back to business.

Have a bigger business? Try the BitBlock Managed Microsoft Exchange.

Managed Microsoft Exchange is a service BitBlock provides, primarily to bigger companies. If BitBlock manages your Microsoft Exchange, we can customize your Email system so that your sending message size, Email archive limits, mailbox size, public folder setups and integration with SharePoint are set up in whichever way you like. These settings are only limited by the amount of power your mail server has.



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