A server is the actual machine that a virual server and a Remote Desktop runs on. It is a powerful super computer that can run many desktops simultaneously. It isn't necessary for every company to buy its own server, many small businesses don't use the resources to make it worth it and would be better off renting server space from BitBlock. For those companies that are large enough to use a server, buying one will save money in the long term. If you purchase your own server you can keep it wherever you like and if you purchase it through us, we will help you with all of the work associated with setting one up (which is quite technical) and educate you on what we call Server Friendly Environments.

With a server, you can easily make a transition from Desktop Computers to Thin Clients, read about Thin Clients here and find out how they can save you money. Click here to learn about our Server Protection Plans

A server will greatly increase the mobility of your workforce, read more about this here.

We often recommend particular models of Servers, Contact us and ask questions to find out which server is best for your business.


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