Computer Monitors

Computer Monitors are necessary for all Thin Clients and almost all Desktop Computers. There are four things to keep in mind when purchasing a new monitor for your computer:

Size- The size of the Monitor is usually measured diagonally. Deciding which size screen you would like depends on how much space you have on your desk, how far away you will be sitting from the monitor, what type of programs you will be running.

Connection- You will want to ensure that the monitor you purchase will be able to connect to the computer that you have. There are 3 different types of monitor connections:



Computer Monitors


Computer Monitors

Make sure you have matching ports on both the computer and the monitor.

Resolution-This is how sharp the image on the screen will be, the numbers you will commonly see such as 1920x1080 refers to the number of pixels (vertical and horizontal) in a square inch. The more pixels in a given unit of space the higher the resolution and the sharper the image. People who deal with pictures and video on a daily basis will benefit more from a higher resolution.

Touchscreen/ no touchscreen-  Many people find that Windows 8 is much easier to use with a touchscreen than using a traditional mouse and keyboard (of course even with a touchscreen you would still use the mouse and keyboard frequently), since the launch of Windows 8 more touchscreen monitors have arisen and are certainly a fun option to look into when shopping for a new monitor.

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