VoIP phone Accessories

A VoIP phones compatibility with accessories can be the determining factor in which phone you pick for your business. Accessories can vastly improve your experience with VoIP, so take a look at what each phone can work with and ask us questions!

Do you want to be able to monitor who is currently in a call without having to walk around the office to look or make failed call transfer attempts? Do you want to have a conversation on the phone hands free, while you browse the Internet or lean back in your chair without having to awkwardly pinch the phone between your ear and your shoulder? Do you walk around the office while you take calls; whether you are pacing, getting coffee or practicing putting? We have solutions for someone in any of these situations, and more. With VoIP, as long as you have the correct accessories and the right VoIP phone, nearly anything is possible.

Take a look at these types of accessories:

Power Adaptors - Even phones with PoE compatibility have power adaptors.

Sidecars - Give your VoIP phone more programmable buttons.

Wired Headsets - Inexpensive and hands free.

Wireless Headsets - Either Bluetooth or with lifters, these are hands free, no annoying cords and can be used over varying distances.

Check out our VoIP phones here, make sure the phone you purchase is compatible with the accessories you want!



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