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VoIP Service will operate in a wide variety of conditions. The more attention paid to the things VoIP service depends on, the greater your satisfaction will be. With a little work up front to ensure these requirements are met, most users would not be able to tell the difference between VoIP and traditional phone in terms of quality of service. The real difference will be in the features and the savings.

Keep these recommendations in mind as you prepare for a VoIP implementation:

  • Network Cable. You will need a network cable run to each location you intend to have a phone. CAT5 is the MINIMUM; however, CAT5E or CAT6 are recommended for new installations. At your central switching point you will have to have each of these cable runs connect to a switch. If you already use a networked PC at these locations then you probably have this covered.
  • Router Selection. Use a router with support for prioritization and queueing or traffic shaping. Many common manufacturers offer routers optimized for VoIP, and some enhanced routers like the Bitblock MIG can support multiple Internet suppliers to increase reliability.
  • Bandwidth Availability. Your Internet service MUST supply enough bandwidth to meet the demands of your office as well as those of your VoIP phones. If your organization uses it's Internet connection heavily, you MAY have to consider a separate service for the phone. Separating service is one way to guarantee reliability in a high demand office. N.B. Due to network infrastructure, cable modem service is NOT RECOMMENDED as the primary Internet service supporting VoIP. For customers preferring a single point of contact, Bitblock ADSL is available installed on an existing phone line or without one (also known as "naked" or "bare" ADSL).
  • Power Source. Older phones and PBX phones are powered by the phone line. With their enhanced features, lighted displays, etc. VoIP phones require a separate power source. If you don't have a power plug near the phone or you want to use centralized power filtering and backup Power Over Ethernet (POE) can provide your phone with a power source using the existing CAT5E or better data cable.

If attention is paid to these foundation components, a smooth transition and reliable service will follow.


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