VoIP Plans

The Full Meal Deal ("VP1") Per Seat Features include:

  • North America Wide calling (1500 minute Soft-Cap)
  • Discounted international calling
  • Enhanced Message Center
    • Unlimited mailbox
    • Access by phone
    • Access by web
    • Forwarded to Email
    • Forwarded to Blackberry (Speaker equipped model with Hosted BES required)
  • Enhanced Virtual PBX (vPBX) featuring:
    • Fax-To-Email gateway for every DID (faxes are received and forwarded by email as a PDF)
    • Auto Attendant (with Night Service)
    • Call Display
    • Customized Outbound Call Display
    • Visual Call Waiting
    • 1 Direct Inward Dial ("Phone Number") to any desired extension(s)
    • Multiple In-bound Call Appearances (multiple calls on a "line" or on "hold")
    • 3-way Calling (some equipment supports N-way)
    • Conference Bridge (dial in conference hosting, included with clients holding 5 or more seats)
    • Call Transfer (Announced & Blind)
    • Do Not Disturb (DND)
    • Speed Dial
    • Multiple Ring Groups / Hunt Groups
    • Find Me / Follow Me (selective forward to cell / home / etc.)
    • Hold Music
    • Call Forwarding (on busy, on no answer, or unconditional)
  • VoIP Anywhere - take your phone home, or on vacation - to another province or country!

All Multi-seat installations include FREE programming of an Auto-Attendant.

With your permission, we will retain remote access to all phone administrative controls to facilitate remote support and program enhancements / upgrades without requiring on site services. You benefit from faster service and fewer delays and reduced cost (no call out fees, travel time, etc.). No waiting for "the phone guy" ever again to add an extension, change a speed dial or other similar features.

Additional options include:

Additional DID's (provide customers with dedicated numbers for certain departments, etc.)
Porting your old phone numbers to this system (call forwarding provides an interim solution)
Additional custom programming


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