Clustered Web and Database Hosting

What is Web and Database Hosting?

Web hosting is a type of service that allows someone to make a website available over the World Wide Web, this is necessary for any company who wishes to have a website that is accessible over the Internet. Today, most websites require some sort of database to manage content of the website. BitBlock Web and Database hosting services are Clustered and backed up daily. BitBlock provides a Web and Database Hosting Service and is Canadian based.

What is "clustered" and why does it matter?

While some providers deliver web sites and databases running on a single machine, BitBlock uses multiple machines together. This provides higher performance and reliability. If a single web server or database server fails, we can address the issue in the background but your web site keeps running. Your clients will never notice. Reducing the risk of downtime means your website is available when your clients need it.

Why is it important that my Hosting Service is in Canada?

Canadian based hosting provides "Patriot Proof" service to our clients, click here to learn more about why Patriot Proofing is important. Is your existing hosting platform compliant with Canadian privacy laws? Does it need to be? With a complete range of self and fully managed services in either virtual private environments or on dedicated servers, Bitblock's hosting is here to meet your needs. A premium service at a reasonable price, our hosting services provide fast, reliable access that is fully redundant and secure.

Why choose us for your web and database hosting?

At BitBlock we know that your hosting is important to your business, and we know how important your security is. We do our very best to ensure that your services are not only secure from hackers and viruses, but also secure from damage due to power outages, equipment failure and  other unforeseeable things that can damage your data.

Here is some of the perks of our Web and Database hosting services:


  • From 1 / 8 cabinet to full cabinets
  • Redundant HSRP cabling
  • Private management network support for out of band management support
  • 7x24 staffed facility
  • over 300 peer networks

Web Hosting

  • High Efficiency Proprietary Virtual ServerManagement System
  • Modular consumption based pricing and packages available
  • High availability FreeBSD platform
  • Clustered MySQL database support
  • Dedicated Microsoft 2003 support
  • Redundant power (twin UPS and generator) configuration
  • Standard libraries to support high availability and email sending with proper return message

Web Design

  • Custom sites
  • Template based CMS system

E-mail Hosting

  • Virus protection with hourly updates to signature database
  • Optional support for
    • SPAM Filtering (content based or "known sender" based)
    • Attachment filtering (*.exe, *.bat, etc.)
    • Vacation message
    • Pager forwarding of urgent messages
  • Authenticated SMTP (send from ANYWHERE without changing your email config)
  • POP3, IMAP, or Exchange 2003 support
    (IMAP & Exchange allow email to be read at multiple locations - no more copying your mail back and forth or forwarding yourself messages)
  • Webmail (when used with IMAP allows FULL access to entire mail store

Internet Security

  • Router and firewall configuration and monitoring
  • VPNset up and management
  • WANset up and management
  • Full intrusion and Denial Of Service monitoring

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