Why should you Opt for BitBlocks' FlexMail

More Professional Email Addresses

Which Email address do you think looks better? BitBlock-Joe@gmail.com or joe@bitblock.com? Most people would go with the latter; if your company has a custom domain it not only makes your personal Email addresses easier to remember, it is also more professional looking and reinforces your brand. BitBlocks' Email addresses can be used on any device that you can use any other Email account on. Some providers use storage out of country which might mean you have to disclose that to your clients. We maintain our equipment in Canada, which makes our email what we at BitBlock like to call “Patriot Proof.” Our custom Email addresses will work anywhere a regular Email address will work, and your data and contacts are stored in accordance with Canadian privacy laws.

FlexMail is More Reliable

Some Email providers run all of their mail service on one server, BitBlocks' FlexMail uses a far superior system to ensure that downtime is as unlikely as realistically possible. Our FlexMail system delivered on multiple clustered servers, which means if one server were to break down, the others pick up the work load, and the mail continues to flow seamlessly. We know that your Email is necessary for your business which is why we have taken even more measures to make sure that an Email message is never lost. All of our clustered servers use a SAN for back end storage, this makes it so that any Email information that is being stored on our mail servers is stored in multiple locations, protecting any data that is currently being stored on the servers from being lost if one of the harddrives dies.


FlexMail is Smarter

Lots of Email providers will automatically delete Emails that are tagged as spam, this might sound good- but everyone has experienced a false positive spam delete. If an Email important to your business is lost because it is tagged as spam if could cause serious problems. This is why FlexMail will tag items as spam and attach warnings to dangerous mail but not delete them automatically (except confirmed viruses - we reject those so the sending party has the opportunity to know they are infected!). We believe it is important that no real Emails are lost, but in case you feel overwhelmed by spam, we help you configure your mail client to divert mail or give you access to set a spam delete filter for your account so that Emails with certain characteristics will be deleted right away and you wont even have to see them. We can also guide you through this process.

The FlexMail system keeps diagnostic logs which let us troubleshoot any sending or receiving mail issues that occur, allowing our trained professionals to fix any Email problems very quickly.


You Can Have Multiple Types of Email Accounts Under the Same Domain 

Do only some of your employees need an Exchange account? Others definitely don't? Our system does not require you to run one system for the entire organization. We can even Smart Host for you on an account by account basis. What if you decide you want to switch one account from POP3 to Exchange or vice versa? SImple, just let us know and we can make the change. Our servers are all designed to handle both types of accounts so changing between them is easy. At BitBlock we understand that some employees have greater mobility needs than others in the same organization, and that not all businesses can afford to give all of their employees Exchange Accounts if they don't need them. Save your business money by only giving Exchange Accounts to those who need it.


Authenticated SMTP

Authenticated SMTP will allow you to access our information from anywhere in the world. More and more Wi-Fi access points and Internet providers will not allow access to Email Servers on the SMTP port (coffee shops are notorious for this), making it impossible to send email when you are away from your home or office. Since BitBlock has Authenticated SMTP, our server will not be blocked, meaning you can send Email from anywhere you have Internet access.


Want to get the most out of FlexMail? Take a look at Hosted Microsoft Exchange!

See for yourself - our FlexMail system is tried and true- ask us about using BitBlocks' FlexMail for your business.


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