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Regardless of your operation platform, backup is essential. The value of lost data is exceedingly hard to calculate and varies greatly, but in a corporate environment the availability of current backups is often what saves the day. In the hosted Terminal Services environment, fully redundant storage servers minimize the possibility of data loss due to hardware failure, but corruption due to application fault or user error are always possibilities. In less secure / reliable environments, the possibility of data damage is even more prevalent.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are still key issues for many businesses today, but due to cost or difficulty in maintaining these systems internally, many businesses take shortcuts that can prove fatal in the event of a system crash. The value of data is best estimated by predicting the cost to reproduce it. If you lost a day’s work could you recover it? How long would it take? What do you pay your staff? How much would it impact your reputation? Traditional onsite backup done at end of day normally guarantees at least one day’s data loss (backups are left running at night, and not taken off site until the following day). This small window represents an often ignored, but critical chance of data loss many companies can not allow.

Backup Services compare favorably to local user maintained backup in many ways, including reduced total cost of operation, ease of use and that it actually works. Many users buy backup systems, but by failing to test, maintain and properly schedule their backups find out that when they really need the data it isn’t there.

Key Features:

  • No forced loss window (tapes left onsite until morning)
  • No dependence on removable media in unclean environments
  • Comparable or lower TCO to tape systems
  • Increased reliability through decreased reliance on human operator
  • Increased security – no physical media to lose or steal

Backup Services work by storing only the changed files, and reduce data transfer by transferring only the changed data. However for ease of use, the file sets are presented as complete snapshots as of a chosen time. Multiple versions of individual files can easily be seen, and restored through the user interface.

If required, the entire backup volume for a chosen point in time can be burned to CDR or DVD-R disks for pickup or brought / delivered to the client site.

Backup Services can be used for hosted Terminal Services or any other Microsoft Windows storage device capable of running the backup agent in addition to Linux / Unix and Mac OS/X,. Backup services can be scheduled to occur as often (“Frequency”) as hourly for smaller data sets (the normal would be daily) and the user can choose how many versions of history to keep (“Cycles”).

Storage and transfer are billed up to a client quota. A notification report will be sent if the quota is exceeded allowing the client to alter the backup datasets or number of versions stored to reduce total storage requirements. A discounted On-Net rate is available to our ADSL subscribers, and the transfer is waived for our hosted colocated subscribers.


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