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Are you already a VoIP or Hosted Terminal Services Customer with BitBlock? You already have a version of conference calling included in your existing service! You may also be eligable for a discount on our Comprehensive Conference Calling Services.

BitBlock has designed a secure and reliable conference call system that can be used by anyone - regardless if you are already using one of our Hosted PBX Service. BitBlock has also designed a more comprehensive service for more frequent conference call users requiring additional flexibilty. This service is billed by usage and is the most flexible conference call option BitBlock currently offers.

Read on to learn more about our Comprehensive Conference Call Service:

You do not need to be using our other service to enjoy our Comprehensive Conference Call Service- Comprehensive Conference Calling is billed by usage and is a separate product from our VoIP Services.

Your Comprehensive Conference Calling number can be a local or an 800 number, it can be given any area code- Is everyone on your conference call in Ontario, but the boss is in Vancouver? Save money by choosing an Ontario area code for your conference number instead of spending extra on an 800 number. You can even opt for multiple local call in numbers!

Customizable greeting- Enforce your branding by greeting members of the conference call with your own personalized greeting.

Optional talker optimization and protection- This automatically mutes backdground noise when a member of the conference call is not talking, this reduces echo (which can accumulate and become overwhealming in a large enough conference call). This can be turned on and off the protect people with soft voices from being cut off by the computer.

Customizable hold music- Make the hold music a sales pitch from one of your top sales associates, or your company slogan to enforce your branding even more, or make it a relaxing song to ease stressful situations. We can help you get customized music on hold prepared!

Optional call recording*- Want to give your conference call another listen later? Ask us about call recording.

*additional charges may apply.


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