How to plug in your VoIP phone?

Plugging in your VoIP phone requires one or two network cables. One of them will connect your phone to the network (and to the Internet) and the second could connect your PC to the phone, allowing you to share a single network connection for both devices.

  1. Plug a cable into the WAN port (may be labeled SW on some models) on your VoIP phone and have the other end plugged into your router.

  2. If you need to, Plug one end of the other cable into the slot on your phone labeled PC and the other to your Internet connection slot on your PC.

  3. If the phone does not power up, you may require a power adapter. Some network switches are POE capable which means they can supply power to the phone over the network wiring. If this works, this is the preferred method of powering your phone. If your network is not equipped this way you will need to plug your phone into the power supply and the power supply into an outlet. Be sure to check that the power supply is the proper voltage and polarity before connecting it to avoid damaging the phone.

The phone will take a few moments to initialize and connect. The phone MAY reboot one or more times about 1 or 2 minutes after it is first started if there are any firmware updates or configuration updates pending. If this continues for more than 15 minutes please contact technical support.


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