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Peer to Peer - may refer to any client computer to computer connection but often referring to the use of specific protocols such as BitTorrent.


Private Branch EXchange

PBX Private branch eXchange - a phone system traditionally consisting of hardware used to provide services in an office such as voice mail, auto attendants, conference calling etc.


Personal Information Management

is  a type of application software that is used as a personal organizer.  It is a tool that will record, track and manage certain kinds of personal information.


 Packet Internet Groper/Gopher

PING Packet INternet Groper/Gopher (sending request to another computer server to see if it answers)


a place to launch software

Usual platforms include a computer architecture, programming languages, an operating system, and related user interface.


The air handling space between walls, under structural floors, and above drop ceilings, which can be used to route intra-building cabling.


Point of Contact


Power over Ethernet

PoE allows power to be transferred along ethernet cables. This means one cable can provide power and data connection.


Point of Failure


Point of Presence refers to the place where the long distance carrier terminates its services and provides connections to a local telephone network.

POP Point of Presence   (Internet and WWW terminology) 


Post Office Protocol Version 3

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The Post Office Protocol has been in use since 1984 and is one of the most commonly used email protocols alongside IMAP and Exchange; the current revision is version 3. POP3 is a simple protocol that functions in a download-and-delete manner (commonly referred to as "maildrop"). This means that it downlods the email to the users computer then deletes the email from the mail server.


Plain Old Telephone Service

A phone service that uses regular analog telephones rather than VoIP.

power cycle

to power cycle a device means to turn it off and turn it back on again

POWER CYCLE  In simple terms, to power cycle a device means to turn it off and turn it back on again. For example, the user manual of a router may ask you to power cycle the router if it stops responding. This may mean switching the power to OFF and then ON again or may require physically unplugging the device and then plugging it back in again 

If there is NO POWER SWITCH. Power cycling is often synonymous with resetting a device.  Pressing a reset button will often erase the configuration  and is not recommended. DO NOT PRESS A RESET BUTTON unless specifically instructed to do so.


Peer To Peer Networking

PPN Peer to Peer Networking (2 computers hooked together sharing resources – no server)

proxy bypass list

 a list of sites that have been allowed for browsing on the server

PROXY BYPASS LIST   a list of sites that have been allowed for browsing on the server.


Polyvinyl chloride

Permanent Virtual Circuit

Thermoplastic that becomes soft when heated and hard when cooled.

A connection that can be established as an option to provide a dedicated ciruit link.


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