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What do the buttons do on a Cisco phone?


  1. Handset - Pick up to answer or place calls.

  2. Speaker - Speaker for phone.

  3. Message Waiting Indicator - When lit: Red: you have a new voicemail message. Flashing Red: you have an incoming call.

  4. LCD Screen - Your phone may vary, but typically displays date and time, phone station name, line extensions, softkey options, start up logo, screen saver, background photo.

  5. Line Keys - Indicates phone line status. Your phone may vary but typically when lit: Green (steady): line is registered and ready for use. Red (steady): this line is currently in use. Red (blinking rapidly): there is an incoming call on the line. Red (blinking): line is on hold. Orange: line is unregistered / registration failed - this may indicate a network or routing problem or an incomplete setup. Please contact support if the condition persists. Flashing Orange: the phone is not connected to the network - this may be seen during boot up and can be ignored during this time. Not Lit: If the line is not lit it is unconfigured.

  6. Softkey Buttons - Press softkey buttons to perform the action on the label on the LCD screen above. The visibility of any particular softkey will depend on the availability of that option at that time. For example, to see the softkey to transfer a call you must be on a call.

  7. Navigation Button - Press in the desired direction to scroll through items on the LCD screen.

  8. Center Select Button - Press this button to select an option or menu that is highlighted on the LCD screen.

  9. Message Button - Press to access voicemail (if your phone is configured with voicemail - contact support of change is required).

  10. Hold Button - Press to place the call on hold.

  11. Setup Button - Press to access the phones configuration menu to configure features and preferences (such as your ringtones, directory and speed dials), or access your call history and set up functions (such as call forwarding).

  12. Mute Button - Press to mute or unmute your phone. When the phone is muted the button glows red. A flashing red mute button indicates that the phone has no network connectivity.

  13. Volume Button - Press (+) to increase the volume and press (-) to decrease the volume on the handset, headset and speaker (when the handset is off-hook), or ringer (when the handset is on-hook).

  14. Headset Button - Press to turn the headset on or off. When the headset is on the button glows green. This same button works for both wired and wireless headsets excluding those with lifters such as Plantronics and Jabra (contact sales for details).

  15. Speaker Button - Press to turn speaker on or off - when the speaker is on the button glows green. Turning off the speaker while the handset is on-hook will end the call.

  16. Keypad - Press keys to dial phone numbers, enter letters, and chose menu items.


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